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William Johnson

A keen sportsman, Bill Johnson was school tennis champion in 1951 and 1952 and participated in the Old Scholars’ Football Club from 1953-1968 as a player, captain and coach. He was President of the PAOCA in 1970.

Bill Johnson served on the College Council from 1974-1999, Secretary and as Chairman from 1991. Bill considers his achievements to include the establishment of joint rowing facilities at West Lakes and the Dimensions of Learning program which enabled students to absorb the many academic disciplines. During his Chairmanship the Little Princes kindergarten was established, the restoration of the Main Building commenced, and he was instrumental in securing the support of the Gerard family for the Gerard Innovation Centre.

Critical to the ongoing development of PAC is the Endowment Fund and Bill Johnson is its current Chairman, having served as a Trustee since 1981. It is in this role that Bill continues his outstanding long term contribution to the school to which he has given a lifetime’s service.