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About Scotts Creek

The outdoor activities program takes place primarily in the tranquil environment of Scotts Creek Outdoor Centre. A College facility since 1976, Scotts Creek is located on a secluded but idyllic branch of the River Murray near Morgan. 

Our experienced and qualified staff provide a supportive environment in which students can feel comfortable and secure throughout their stay. Teachers from the Kent Town campus accompany their students on these programs and give special attention to the well-being and development of the individual.

In short, the program is fun, challenging and unforgettable.

The Scotts Creek Experience

A sustainable and resilient campus

We are committed to enabling a sustainable campus community. The Scotts Creek Outdoor Centre features:

  • Renewable energy, with 34.8Kw and 10.8 Kw PV solar arrays, and 19.8 kWh battery storage (generating approx. 80MW in 2020). The Dining Hall features a live display allowing staff and students to monitor energy usage. There is also a solar hot water service in the Kitchen/ Dining Hall, a solar-powered water pump in the Garden, and heat pump hot water service in the staff accommodation. 
  • LED lighting across the property.
  • Over 250,000 litres of rainwater storage, plumbed back in to various buildings. Use of smart watering control systems with weather parameters utilised to ensure efficient water use.
  • Removal of single use plastic where possible.
  • Free range chickens that covert food waste and to organic matter.
  • Productive spaces, including a greenhouse with seasonal fruit and vegetables, and citrus orchard (26 trees).

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