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Wambana Campus

About Wambana

Wambana is our purpose-built outdoor education campus at Point Turton on the Yorke Peninsula. Located on six acres of coastal land, Wambana is dedicated to helping our boys move into adulthood through a range of community, academic, spiritual and outdoor activities.

During their stay at Wambana in Year 9, our boys participate in an innovative education program designed to give them valuable life experience led by action and reflection. With a motto of ‘others before self’, our Wambana experience sees them undertaking service activities in the local community. On their five-week Wambana journey, our boys undertake a wide range of challenges, where they discover newfound mastery and personal fulfilment in the world outside the classroom.

A sustainable and resilient campus

We are committed to contributing to a sustainable campus community. The Wambana campus features:

  • Renewable energy, with 32 solar panels feeding directly into the grid and solar hot water for eight accommodation buildings.
  • Over half a million litres in fresh water storage.
  • Biocycle system to filter wastewater and use for irrigation.
  • Free range chickens and ducks to recycle food waste
  • Productive spaces, including 34m2 of vegetable gardens and 28 fruit trees.

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