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David Hone

David Hone received a PhD from the University of Adelaide in 1989 and is considered an authority on vaccine research, with more than 50 original scientific publications and four book chapters to his credit. His pioneering work is reflected in the five United States patents he holds for vaccines.

During post-doctoral studies Hone demonstrated that it is possible to formulate a single-dose oral vaccine against Salmonella typhi, the causative agent of Typhoid Fever and an estimated 500 000 deaths annually. Hone’s work has produced eight candidate vaccines that have been clinically evaluated, including prototypes for malaria and HIV.

David Hone has recently been appointed Chief Scientific Officer at the Aeras Global Tuberculosis Vaccine Foundation in Rockville, Maryland, USA. The goal of the foundation over the next 10 years is to develop and license a TB vaccine for use in the developing world.