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Rev. Don Catford

The Rev. Don Catford, Moderator of the Uniting Church in South Australia 1998 to 2001, has served as Secretary to Synod and as Superintendent of the Port Adelaide Central Mission.

Don Catford grew up on the family property at Appila and returned to work there before commencing theological studies at Parkin-Wesley College to join the Methodist Church ministry. He was ordained in 1967. His first church was at Penong, on South Australia’s Far West Coast. During his time as a patrol padre in the Hammersley Region of Western Australia (1973 to 1977). Don Catford flew his own aircraft to minister to isolated people in that region.

Through his position as Moderator of the Uniting Church, Don Catford has served on the governing bodies of eight church schools, including Princes, and St Andrews Hospital, as well as maintaining his responsibilities with the Port Adelaide Central Mission. However, Don’s life is not all serious, he is an accomplished around Australia rally driver!