Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education program provides a unique and unforgettable learning and life experience.

The program is presented in a sequential manner with particular emphasis on the balance between environmental education, personal development and adventure.

Students face significant challenges beyond those possible in a suburban school. These challenges not only include exposure to some of the most exciting of physical skills but also include taking responsibility for themselves, the community and the environment.

Participation in the Outdoor Education program enables students to learn and exercise life skills such as leadership, teamwork and tolerance.

Key aspects of the program include developing outdoor and low impact camping skills, leadership training, problem solving, social interaction, group cooperation, self-confidence, an understanding of ecological systems and promoting self-awareness and an appreciation of one’s unique strengths and weaknesses.

Each program attempts to not only develop these particular skills but includes a community service and cultural understanding component that ensures all students have both an enjoyable and satisfying social experience in the most magnificent of surrounds.

The outdoor activities program takes place primarily in the tranquil environment of Scotts Creek Outdoor Centre, a College facility located on a secluded but idyllic branch of the River Murray near Morgan.

Our experienced and qualified staff  provide a supportive environment in which students can feel comfortable and secure throughout their stay. Teachers from the Kent Town campus accompany their students on these programs and give special attention to the well being and development of the individual.

In short the program is fun, challenging and unforgettable.

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