Intercollegiate Code of Conduct – 2018

Authors: College Captain, Max Kirkby and College Co Vice-Captains, Noah Miles and Connor Kioussis.

With the annual Winter Intercol fixtures occurring this week, College Captain, Max Kirkby and Vice-Captains, Noah Miles and Connor Kioussis, would like to share the recent development of the Intercollegiate Code of Conduct with the Princes community.

The student leadership group have been working closely with their counterparts at St Peter’s College, to develop a set of principles detailing the expected behaviours of the students throughout the upcoming week. These principles are based on the principles of the Princes Man model and aim to encourage the students to embrace the rich culture of PAC through passionate, yet respectful support of the intercol events. The five pillars of the Prince Alfred College Code of Conduct are:

  1. We are Princes Men. Fac Fortia Et Patere, we do brave deeds and endure. We stand by our moral values, entrenched since 1869, now and always. Whether on or off the field, we do the right thing by Prince Alfred College. All of us know what is right.
  2. We are humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Whichever sport we play, we play with sportsmanship, grounded in a deep respect for our teammates and the opposition. We play till the end and stay to support the rivalry between Princes and Saints. We do not tolerate degrading behaviour.
  3. We are the RedArmy. When we support from the sidelines, we show passion and pride for our mates on the field. As a school off the field, we do not look to discriminate against Saint Peters, we chant only for our Princes Men.
  4. We are United in Red. We respect the alumni of our college, remembering our old Reds, the past scholars, who place their trust in us. We will leave a positive legacy.
  5. We BleedRed. We commit to the contest with ferocity and intent, protecting our mates in an intense display of comradery. We do it for the guernsey, we do it for the Reds.

St Peter’s College, have developed a similar set of values, with both schools enthusiastically embracing the Code of Conduct. In a gesture of our commitment to abide by its principles, the Prefects and Sports Captains from both St Peter’s and PAC have signed the Code of Conduct on behalf of their schools. Moreover, both schools have agreed to raise awareness for the White Ribbon Initiative, campaigning against domestic violence. As a part of each intercol fixture, captains from the respective ‘First’ teams will symbolically exchange a banner at the coin toss/shaking of hands. These banners detail our pursuit of greater awareness and education, along with our unity with St Peter’s on this issue.

It is important to note that this Code of Conduct has been developed by the students, as we look to further develop the tradition and history associated with the Princes and Saints Intercol on respectful but passionate grounds. We would like to call upon the wider PAC community to come and support us throughout the intercol fixtures and watch as we uphold the values of the Princes Man, which has now been formally recorded in the Code of Conduct.

Go Reds!

College Captain, Max Kirkby and College Co Vice-Captains, Noah Miles and Connor Kioussis.
Prince Alfred College