Scotts Creek Campus

Prince Alfred College has its own Murray River retreat the Scotts Creek Outdoor Centre, located near Morgan, approximately 165kms from Adelaide.

Here boys enjoy a mix of environmental education, adventure and personal development that tests them like no other classroom.

The boys journey outward, voyaging along the river in canoes and kayaks. They study ecology, seed propagation and water quality. They travel in teams, responsible for themselves and each other.

Experienced staff ensure a safe and supportive environment.

The boys also journey inward, learning about themselves, where they fit in, and facing tough questions about their own nature.

Do I follow or lead?

Do I criticise or praise?

Do I divide or unite?

We love to watch the growing cooperation, confidence and tolerance developed in the boys as they make their way in the world.

The carefully planned program aims to develop the man in every boy, to help him see beyond his limits to the unlimited potential within.

We aim to produce highly ethical global citizens. The Outdoor Education program at Scotts Creek helps achieve that goal, extending each student’s skills, understanding and character.

Learning is promoted and gradually broadened as the boys grow through their experiences. For each, there are special moments. It may come while revegetating a local wetland with indigenous species, or trekking responsibly in a national park.

In the beginning it may seem satisfying to erect a tent or tie a knot. In the end, pride may be found in leading their peers, or a team of younger boys safely over an adventure course. Or venturing quietly in the outdoors with minimum impact and maximum awareness.

The local becomes the global when community service and cultural understanding are fostered.

Our leadership programs go beyond talk to action.

In the world we are all connected.

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